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Japanese Particles Master

is a blog about Japanese particles, vocabulary, and widely used expressions

Why Are Japanese Particles So Important?

Japanese particles are very important for us to say what we really want to say in Japanese.

They contribute considerably to forming a proper context. They are similar to prepositions in English. But, there is a subtle difference. While English prepositions are necessarily used at where they are supposed to be used, Japanese particles are not always used. Through the blog posts, how and how not to use them are explained.

How Should We Learn Japanese Particles?

We can focus on each particle as an individual grammatical part. But, this is not a good way to master Japanese particles. We should learn how they work in a sentence and also how they affect other words.

On this blog, we can learn Japanese particles through example sentences and idiomatic phrases. They would help us to deepen understanding of Japanese grammar.

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